Link and Launch program


Click on the below link and listen as Marg provides a brief overview of the Link and Launch Program, and outlines the benefits for students by getting involved.

Click here to listen to Marg as she explains the Link and Launch program.

Phone:  0436 858 694


How do Year 12 graduates join Link and Launch?

The easiest way to join Link and Launch is to contact Marg directly via email or text. Simply say 'hi' and she will quickly respond with an invitation to meet you face to face. She will help you explore what you want and need right now, and together you will make a detailed plan and start working towards your first goal. 

Past student success

When he graduated from Year 12 in 2018 Musavir was not yet eligible for FEE-HELP and could not afford to pay upfront for further study … but he never gave up the hope of following his dream.

He joined Link &Launch in October 2019 to explore how he could enrol in a specialist course while still waiting for Australian Citizenship. He worked with the L&L Manager to book a tour of SAE Institute in West End and connected with the enrolment officer to ask specific questions about course eligibility and payment methods.

Musavir was accepted to study Audio Production at SAE as soon as his citizenship ceremony was complete. He made good connections with staff and students during orientation and felt confident in his choice or institution and degree. He is now excitedly pursuing his career goal – "to be the best DJ in the world!"

Musavir says, "When the Link &Launch Manager helped me I felt hopeful and it was the best choice I made to be part of this program".

How does the program work?

Participating schools have received funding to recruit Link & Launch officers to connect with young people who have completed Year 12 but not yet transitioned to further study, training or work. These officers can assist young people to navigate a range of post-school study, training and work options in line with their individual goals, aspirations, skills and strengths and support them to make independent choices that will equip them to make a successful transition. Some of the options students may consider through the program include:

  • Skilling Queenslanders for Work training or subsidies
  • Alternative entry to university 
  • Alternative entry to TAFE
  • Transition to Work, JobActive and other federal workforce participation programs 
  • Employment 

Who can join the program?

Young people who are not in education, employment or training and who completed Year 12 in the previous two years are eligible to join the program. Older Year 12 graduates who may benefit from the program are also welcome to join. All eligible young people who have completed their senior studies can join the program irrespective of where they went to school.  Students currently enrolled at our school are not eligible to join the program as we already provide them with career guidance and planning support. 

Last reviewed 07 December 2020
Last updated 07 December 2020