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​​​Enrolment FAQs

Why should I send my child to Woodridge State High School?

A Woodridge State High School education is founded on the inclusion of all students, where excellence is not compromised and where young people can flourish through their high school education.

Who can enrol at Woodridge State High School?

Only those students living within the Woodridge State High School catchment, have a sibling that currently attends or if they are receiving a scholarship, can apply.

How do I enrol my child?

Click here to find out more about the enrolment process at Woodridge State High School.

How do I prepare for a enrolment interview?

Ensure you have provided all the necessary documentation to the office/administration team prior to booking an interview.

Discover more about our enrolling at our school.

An interview with families joining our Woodridge State High School community in 2020 is required for all students. The interview is an opportunity to discuss the students’ learning and ensure a smooth transition into the WSHS community.

Interview preparation:

  • both parents (if possible) or a guardian are encouraged to attend.
  • student must be in attendance.

How much are school fees?

We offer an excellent educational environment and provide many opportunities to our students. State schools do not charge instruction, facilities and administration costs, however, some fees are essential to support the delivery of education.

The Student Resource Scheme participation fee for 2020 is $180 per student.

Payment methods

BPoint, EFT, EFTPOS, CentrePay Deduction or Payment plan.

BPoint payments

BPoint is the preferred payment method for the school.

Step: 1

  • Click on the Web Link on your invoice/statement.
  • Alternatively, you can type into your web browser.
  • The Web Link will open up a new secure payment window.

Step: 2

  • Enter the payment information into the display fields, CRN, invoice number, student name and amount. This information can be found on the invoice/statement provided to you by the school.

Step: 3 - Enter Card Details

  • Once the information has been entered, select the card type you will make your payment with (MasterCard or VISA).
  • A page will be displayed detailing the information you have entered. Double check this information including CRN, Invoice Number and amount. To change the details click on Back.
  • Enter your card details including card number, expiry date and CV number.
  • Click on Proceed once all information has been entered.

Step: 4 - Transaction confirmation

The payment will be processed by the CBA and a transaction confirmation will be displayed. Click on Print View to print a copy of your transaction as confirmation for your records. You can also email yourself the transaction confirmation.

CentrePay deductions

You can arrange to have your students fees paid through Centrelink. This process can only be arranged the school.  Please do not arrange this deduction online or direct with Centrelink.

To set up your CentrePay Deductions, please phone the finance officer on (07) 3290 7222.

What facilities and resources does Woodridge State High School provide?

The school utilises the latest technology to engage students in their learning. This includes access to multimedia equipment, data projectors, and other tools for learning.

Each student is required to bring their own device (laptop at the commencement of Year 7).

Read more information about the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program.

The school has a well-equipped library which is open for students during study periods, breaks, and before and after school. Students have access to new industry-standard catering kitchens, science labs, sound-proofed music studios, art studios, gym facility, and outdoor multi-purpose courts which cater for a wide range of sports.

What if my child has to be away from school?

 If your child is absent from school and you have not rung the Administration Office (07) 3290 7222 before 9am or no previous written advice has been received, a text message will be sent to your mobile phone advising you of the need to contact the school to clarify your child's absence. Late arrivals and early departures must be also accompanied by a note.

All absences from school must be explained by either a telephone call from a parent/guardian or carer to the school or a message left on the administration line. For extended periods, a medical certificate or the Principal’s approval is required.
Each parent of a Woodridge State High School student has the legal obligation to ensure their child is attending school. Parents and caregivers must send children to school every school day under Queensland law unless there is an acceptable reason such as:

  • illness
  • doing work experience
  • competing in school sporting events.

Parents may be prosecuted if they do not fulfil their legal obligations regarding the enrolment and attendance of their child at school, or participation in an eligible option.

If you are experiencing difficulty in sending your child to school, contact the Year Level Deputy Principal for advice and support.

Managing student absences and enforcing enrolment and attendance at school

Scholarship applications

Applications for the 2020 Scholarship Program are now open - Scholarships are available in Academic, the Arts, Sports, and Leadership and Community for exceptional students. At Woodridge State High School, we recognise and reward achievement and celebrate success.

Our kick-start scholarships are only available to Year 6 students transitioning to Year 7.

Read more about Scholarships available at our school.

Make an enrolment enquiry

Thank you for your interest in enrolling your child at Woodridge State High School.
Click here to make an online enquiry to enrol your child at the school.

Last reviewed 18 January 2023
Last updated 18 January 2023