Humanities and Social Science


​​Humanities and Social Sciences encompasses a wide range of subjects that aim to develop students’ curiosity and imagination about the world. 

One faculty. Endless choices

In Junior students have the opportunity to experience fundamental social science subjects. History and Geography topics teach students how to question, inquire, and think critically about the world over time and our impact on the world now. In our Civics topics, students develop skills of being a global citizen with an awareness of rights and responsibilities of Government and individuals – including an introduction to Law.

One of our most popular electives is economics and business, where students explore the global flow of resources, finances, and economic challenges and complexities. We also offer French as an elective for students who wish to learn a new language (with other languages also being considered for 2021) to learn how to communicate in new ways, and build their intercultural capabilities.

In Senior this expands further and students can choose to specialise in subjects that can lead to a diverse range of careers after school and our Certificate III in Business even allows students to graduate with a qualification as they continue onto further study or directly into work straight after school. 

Subjects offered

The 2023 Senior Course Guide ​provides a course overview and describes the required Year 10 pre-requisites for Year 11 and 12 subjects.​​

Year level

Subjects offered

Year 7, 8 and 9
  • Humanities (History, Geography, Civics)
  • French (and from 2021 potentially a new language!)
  • Business (Economics and Business – Year 8 onwards)
Year 10
  • Core Humanities 
  • Extension Humanities (offered to high-achieving students interested in an ATAR/General Subjects pathway in Years 11-12)
  • Business Studies 
Year 11 and 12
  • Legal Studies
  • Modern History
  • Accounting
  • Certificate III Business
  • Tourism
  • Social and Community Studies
  • Religion and Ethics

Potentially Offered from 2021 – to be confirmed

  • Geography
  • Ancient History

Potentially offered from 2022 – to be confirmed

  • Diploma of Business 

Click here to view the Year 7-10 Humanities booklet.

Competitions and Excursions

Humanities encourages students to participate in competitions provided by organisations such as the Australian History Association, Future Now Fest, and $20 Boss. Students can win prizes and also have the opportunity to earn House Points.

We also have the Woodridge SHS Humanities Challenge that runs through Term 2 – Term 3 where students can respond in any format to the year's inquiry question. This year, the question is "Why is Humanities relevant in 2023?"

Every student entry gains house points, and students have the opportunity to win prizes like headphones, tuckshop vouchers, JB Hi-Fi vouchers and more.

In our faculty we believe that real-life learning is the best learning students can have. This is why we have excursions and incursion across every year level. This has included mummifying oranges, visiting the museum, participating in in $20 Boss and the Future Anything program, Legal Studies students visiting local courts to view real cases, Tourism students visiting hotels and theme parks, Business students engaging with local businesses including work studies. 

For additional information contact:

Humanities Head of Department: Janine CAMPBELL

Last reviewed 17 February 2023
Last updated 17 February 2023