School captain recipient of a secondary schools' citizenship award


​Woodridge State High School is extremely proud to announce that one of our 2019 Year 12 School Captains, McKay Ieremia, is the recipient of a Secondary Schools' Citizenship Award, awarded by the Order of Australia Association, Queensland Branch.

This is an extremely prestigious award, with McKay being one of only twelve recipients across Queensland to receive this award.

The award seeks to recognise Queensland Secondary School students who have made significant contributions to society, through service to their school and their community and who have displayed great leadership in promoting good citizenship and worthy community service.

Woodridge State High School is a multiculturally diverse school community and McKay has helped build this as a strength to be celebrated. He has assisted with the organisation of various cultural performance groups, taking on this role in a very positive and enthusiastic way and is always available to lend a helping hand to students and group leaders.

McKay is very much involved in his local church and youth initiatives, both assisting and taking a lead role as a Youth Leader in the running of their youth focused engagement programs through the Victory Youth Group.

He also has engaged in a range of volunteer roles, showing his humility and desire to simply support others in need. He has often visited the hospitalised on Saturdays, while on Sunday afternoons, would regularly feed the homeless in the City. He is currently volunteering to feed the homeless or people who are struggling to provide food for themselves and their family on Friday nights at ADRA Community Centre in Woodridge.

During the school holidays he also volunteered to support the Logan City Council holiday activities for students (KRANK).

McKay received a commemorative plaque and a Certificate of Merit in recognition of his service to Woodridge State High School and the Woodridge community on the last day of Term 3 at a ceremony at Parliament House.

Woodridge State High School is very fortunate to have a student like McKay as a leader, as he is an exceptional young man. He is an inspiration and role model to so many students around him especially the Maori and Pacific Island students. He leads by example and is always willing to lend a helping hand. He is honest, respectful, shows humility and compassion beyond his years, and is deserving of recognition for the contributions he makes to our students and wider community – always without any desire for recognition or praise, but deserving of so much more. We are extremely proud to call McKay a student at Woodridge State High School and recognise the values and contributions he makes to our school and the wider Logan community.

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Last reviewed 18 November 2019
Last updated 18 November 2019