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Resource centre


​Our resource centre has a wide selection of books and magazines to support the curriculum and to provide for the recreational and leisure needs of students and staff. We have an extensive collection of fiction books to support literacy and general reading programs.

Our resource centre database, Oliver, used to locate these resources, is accessible from any computer in the school by following the link on the intranet. Our staff is available to help you find the information you require.

Our resource centre has three teaching areas so that classes can readily access library resources during class time plus a computer space with 18 computers for class use so that electronic and print resources can be used together. We also have a computer pod of 7 computers. These are also accessible to students at lunch time to complete set work.

Opening Hours

The resource centre is open from 8.00am to 3.30pm Monday to Friday. Some afternoons a staff member may stay at school longer. If so, the library will remain open.

The resource centre is automatically closed when the Teacher Librarian is unable to supervise eg attending staff meetings.

Resource Centre Staff

Teacher-Librarian – Mrs Scrimgeour

Teacher Aide - Mrs McGregor

Student Loans

Students may borrow a pre-determined number of items at any one time, on production of a student ID card. We ask parents/carers to assist us in the promotion of a positive attitude towards borrowing, by ensuring their children take care of resources and return them promptly. Lost or damaged books and resources are to be reimbursed to our school at replacement cost.

Year 8 – 9 

2 Fiction and 3 Other (Non Fiction, Magazines)

Year 10 – 11  

2 Fiction and 4 Other

Year 12  

2 Fiction and 5 Other

Students are unable to borrow when they have overdue resources.

Students are NOT allowed to borrow items for other students on their card.

Items may be renewed if presented at the circulation before they become due.

You may reserve items that are on loan to another resource centre user. It will be held for 7 days.

What is available?

Books, newspapers, magazines, maps, vertical file, chess and other materials for pleasure and information.

Help in finding appropriate resources.

Help in preparing information in assignments and projects.


Colour Laser Printer

Photocopier with scanner facilities

Digital still cameras (in school use only with teacher permission)

Digital video cameras (in school use only with teacher permission)